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Mobile Application


Make an impression showcasing the features of your mobile app.



Launching a SaaS service soon? Go one step ahead with this landing page

Web Application


Attract users for your next great web or desktop application

SaaS Subscription


Give your subscription business a new look with this custom landing page

SaaS Application


Grow your SaaS application user base with this landing page‚Äč

Online Course


Present your next online (or offline) course in a modern way

eBook Landing


Release your eBook with this beautiful landing page and start making sales.

Digital Marketing


A clean landing page for your next digital marketing service. Present it beautifully.

Solar Industry


A minimal landing page template made for solar industry, but can be use for others too.

Furniture Shop


A stunning furniture landing template that helps you create your shop fast.

Mobile App 2.0


Made a beautiful mobile app? It's time to promote with a better landing page.

Digital Service


This can be your go-to landing page for multi type of digital services.

Web Application 2.0


Another premium landing page for your Web or Desktop Application.

Job Directory


Create a job directory website with this clean and minimal landing template.

Browser Extension


Created a browser extension? You need a beautiful landing page right now.

Real Estate


Boost your real estate business right now with this minimal landing template.

Insurance Landing


Need a quick insurance website? Then, use this landing page template.

Psychology Consultation


Your psychology consultation business needs a professional landing template.

Startup Agency


Build your digital agency website with this beautiful landing page template.

Social App


A clean landing page for social media app. Present it beautifully.

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Questions & Answers

Yes you can if you purchase our Pro license. With Lite license, you cannot use Shade landings for clients.

If you get the free version, you cannot use for commercial projects.

But if you get the Pro version of Shade, you can use all landing pages for unlimited commercial projects, no limitations.

Of course! If you’re just learning to work with CSS and HTML, you’ll have to learn a few new setup steps, but we keep our tools and code simple, and clean as a good example for all!

Yup! We provide basic HTML, CSS, and JS that you can use in basically any framework. If you want to integrate our markup, SCSS, and JS compilation into your app instead of using our provided build tools, that’s also possible, though it requires some effort.

Yes! If you need any help or have a question about Shade, please reach us at support@finestdevs.com

Still have a question? Reach us at support@finestdevs.com