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No matter how much you know about code or design, building a landing page can be overwhelming. With Shade, you don't have to worry, because we've done the hard works for you. Simply change text, color, images and you are ready to release!

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"I love how these templates were coded. It can be customized so easily. Also, it has a lot of unique blocks, making it perfect for my needs."
Curtis T. Cook
JS Developer
"I am almost completed with building of our new website and I can't wait to tell you how pleased I was- it took hardly any time at all."
Owen Lewis
Ruby Developer
"Super easy to edit and the templates are modern. A big thumbs up for the design quality. I also had a question for the support & they provided a solution in 15 minutes! That was very impressive!"
Trevor K.
WP Plugin Developer
I would highly recommend these templates to anyone who loves excellent modern UI for their landing pages.
Owen Lewis
Android Developer
"I’ve been working with Shade templates for a few months now and I must say they are very well done. For someone like me that hasn’t done a lot with HTML, I managed to create landing pages for my clients that looks professional. The support team was very quick to answer any questions I had."
Sean Powell
UI/UX Designer
"Beautiful design and smart codes. One of the best in the market!"
Owen Lewis
Front-end Developer

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No design or coding required

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One-time Payment
14 days money back guarantee

Questions & Answers

With Lite license, you’ll get only plain HTML, CSS and JS files of 04 free landing pages.

With Freelancer & Professional license, you’ll get Plain HTML, CSS, JS files of all landing pages and inner pages. Plus, if you are an advanced developer, we have included SCSS, Gulp files of Shade so that you can work even faster. 

Yes you can if you purchase our Freelancer or Professional license.

With Freelancer license, you can use Shade for 01 client.

With Professional license, you can use Shade for unlimited clients.

With Lite license, you cannot use Shade landings for clients.

You can use Shade on Unlimited personal & commercial projects with a single Professional License.

With Lite license, you can use Shade free landings on your personal projects, unlimited time. 

Personal Projects: The personal project is your chance to do what you want, show the skills that have developed over time in subjects and approaches of learning, and apply them to an area or topic on which you decide.

Commercial Projects: A commercial project is one where the customer has complete control over the intellectual property generated from the project. This type of project is open to all types of companies and organisations regardless of size or industry.

Of course! If you’re just learning to work with CSS and HTML, you’ll have to learn a few new setup steps, but we keep our tools and code simple, and clean as a good example for all!

Yup! We provide basic HTML, CSS, and JS that you can use in basically any framework. If you want to integrate our markup, SCSS, and JS compilation into your app instead of using our provided build tools, that’s also possible, though it requires some effort.

Yes! If you need any help or have a question about Shade, please reach us at

Still have a question? Reach us at