Hello! Welcome to Whiter's official documentation. Simple, Flexible, ready to use UI components and plugins which will bring you so much closer to your end goals. Let’s dive in.

Setting up Dev Tools

To setup the dev tools and environment for customizing the theme, unzip the theme package to any folder and open a command line at that location.

Whiter's dev tools require Node, and the Gulp CLI package. Assuming you have Node and Git installed, the following command installs Gulp Command Line Utility globally so the gulp command can be used anywhere in your system.

npm install gulp-cli -g

When you have installed Gulp, run npm install and the required packages for the Whiter dev tools will be downloaded to the node_modules directory.

npm install

If you see errors such as EACCESS during installation, please follow these instructions at npm docs to install Node via nvm which resolves the permissions errors.

Whiter employs Browsersync via gulp to serve pages from the dist directory. Running gulp will compile the theme, copy all required files to the dist directory and will open a browser window to localhost:4001/index.html.


While Gulp is running, Files in the pages, scss and js folders are monitored for changes, which will inject updated CSS or cause a refresh in Browsersync.

Hit Ctrl+C or just close the command line window to stop the server.