About the updates brought by Grayic.

We are continuously creating new stuff for our themes and trying to keep it up to date with the new technologies that might appear along the development process. We appreciate each of you who downloaded or purchased any of our themes and we take your suggestions into consideration every time.

Updates will be released for constant improvements, to provide fixes where necessary, maintain compatibility, and most prior of all, give you the flexibility to customize the theme easily. The changelog will be updated with each release and list the updated files with brief details.

To bring your project up to date with the latest version of our themes, simply download the latest version, unzip the files and replace the old version in your project with the updated version of our file mentioned in changelog. (Caution: It's best practice keep a backup of your previous customized styles in case it needs to be re-added)

Any breaking changes that affect compatibility with older versions of our themes will be noted, and further instructions on updating will be provided in the changelog.