File Structure

A guide to understanding how the theme is structured. Within the src folder in theme directory, you’ll find the following directories and folders, grouping common resources, as well as components and styles.

Folder Contents

all development files are housed in 📁 src directory. It contains following sub-folders:

  • 📁 assets contains theme assets like images and fonts, thus categorized in complementary / self-explanatory naming folders.

    1. 📁 image contains all images used in this theme.

    2. 📁 fonts contains all third party fonts/icons used in the theme.

  • 📁 components consists of some plugin components such as video modal, accordion etc and all required core components used throughout the theme.

  • In 📁 data, some of the theme contents and data's are stored.

  • 📁 pages is a directory for page components to live. Components under src/pages become pages automatically with paths based on their file name.

  • 📁 section contains section components under sub-folders named after each page.

  • 📁 styles contains all necessary stylings for the theme.